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I grew up in Maine, am a teacher and an actor and have lived in New York, California, Vermont, and Italy (where I met my husband, who is from India). We were married in his hometown, and naively thought the cultural differences wouldn't be that big a deal. (!) I write about my experiences as a mom, as well as about what it has been like to bridge such a great cultural divide in our marriage.

Halloween Sugar Rush

This post is a little embarrassing. Perhaps those who have a sweet tooth will understand. Take it with a big grain of sugar, and have a very Happy Halloween! You never get over being one of 7 children. This can be a good thing– there is always a sibling to call who knows the various strange ways […]

Tiny Houses

You’ve heard of this movement no doubt. People who live in perfectly normal housing decide to downsize. For environmental, cultural, political or boredom reasons, they divest themselves of most of their possessions and take up occupation in a home the size of a child’s playhouse. Not kidding. But this is not necessarily the money-saver it sounds like because […]