About Catherine

Catherine Ahlawat is a stay home mom to two daughters, ages 4 and 2. She also teaches High School English to homeschoolers, is an actor, and a part-time chronicler of the absurd. She grew up in Maine, and lived many places before coming back at last. Her husband is from India and her children don’t resemble her at all, which she’s almost fine with.

Catherine Ahlawat

Catherine Ahlawat

She writes about her experiences as a mom and what it has been like to bridge (or try to bridge) such a great cultural divide in marriage. Her motto has always been, “If you can’t laugh, you might as well be dead.” She hopes to laugh until she’s dead–and maybe even then.

Her first piece, “Tiny Houses,” won the fiction contest in a local paper in Vermont. The paper’s readership is 7. They gave no prizes. (That’s okay, though, since it wasn’t fiction anyway. Ha.)

Hello: I’m supposed to direct you to my Facebook page or Twitter account now. I’ve never had a FB page and am waiting for everyone else to join me. It’s lonely being an outlier…I mean, you all want to get off it, right? (I know that because everyone tells me how tiresome it is to constantly get updates about other people’s kids, honeymoons, etc. I think I’ve started a trend of one. Hello? Anyone…?) So, no. No FB, no tweets. At least I won’t be sending you updates about the vacations I don’t go on. But I do welcome to It’s All Mad Here, and I’d love to hear your stories too.